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Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device


Introducing ALCOLOCK WR3: Your Trusted Ignition Interlock Device

Convicted of a DUI? You may need to install an IID in your vehicle. The ALCOLOCK WR3 measures your breath alcohol concentration and prevents your vehicle from starting if you’re over the legal limit.

We engineered the ALCOLOCK WR3 device specifically for impaired driving offenders, and it includes multiple features to prevent circumvention of the unit. It has programmable settings that we can customize to meet jurisdictional interlock program needs, ensuring program compliance with required random retests and triggering recalls after detecting a program violation.

Get it Installed for $120 and receive the first month of service free. Monthly fees after the first month are $75 with no contract required.

Furthermore, one of the key features of the ALCOLOCK WR3 device is its anti-circumvention technology. The device utilizes breath signature technology to ensure that the sensor performs the analysis only on a breath sample that has come directly from a human subject and has not been altered. This means that drivers cannot trick or bypass the device, ensuring accurate BrAC measurements.

Additionally, the ALCOLOCK WR3 device has dual event logging that allows program administrators to monitor drivers in remote locations without compromising program integrity. Disconnecting the handset will not result in the loss of valuable information, ensuring the reliable performance of the device.

Certainly, all of our service centers are certified with the Texas Department of Public Safety. We provide a seamless installation process and a six-month lease contract, allowing you to fulfill your legal requirements with ease. Same-day installations are available!

Above all, don’t let a DUI conviction hold you back. Trust the ALCOLOCK WR3 vehicle interlock system to keep you and others safe on the road. Contact us today for ignition interlock installations and learn more about the benefits of the ALCOLOCK WR3 device.

Approved Texas Counties for the WR3 Ignition Interlock Device (IID)

  • Harris County (Houston)
  • Travis County (Austin)
  • Bexar County (San Antonio)
  • Hidalgo County (Edinburg)
  • Cameron county (Brownsville)
  • Dallas County (Dallas)
  • Hays County (Dripping Springs, Buda, Wimberley, Kyle, San Marcos)

*Some Jurisdictions may vary.

Device Features

Program compliance

ALCOLOCK WR3 settings can be customized to meet jurisdictional interlock program needs. They can be set to require random retests and trigger recalls after detecting a program violation.


ALCOLOCK WR3 uses breath signature technology to ensure that a breath sample has come directly from a human subject and has not been altered before the sensor performs the analysis.

Dual event logging

Dual event logging allows program administrators to monitor drivers in remote locations without compromising program integrity. The handset can be disconnected without losing valuable information.

Stay Informed with Timely Reminders and Alerts

At Johnny’s Interlock, we understand the importance of staying on top of your program and commitments. That’s why we offer our clients the convenience of receiving timely email and text message reminders and alerts. Our system is designed to keep you informed and help you meet program requirements seamlessly.

With our notifications, you’ll never miss a beat. We send out lockout notifications to ensure you’re always aware of your device’s status. Payment reminders help you stay up to date with your financial responsibilities, and appointment reminders ensure you’re where you need to be when you need to be there.

It’s all part of our commitment to making your journey through the program as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Stay connected and informed with Johnny’s Interlock.

Customers agree to opt in for SMS and email alerts in service agreement during activation. Opt-out instructions are available for those who wish to discontinue receiving messages. Service agreement must be signed before device activation.

Reliable Compliance Monitoring

Technical specifications

  • Sensor Electrochemical
  • Display Graphic LCD
  • Analysis time 5 to 10 seconds
  • Automatic power down Programmable
  • Accuracy ±5 @ 50 mg/dL
  • Operating voltage 12 or 24 volt DC