Portable Alcohol Monitoring Devices in Dallas, Texas – Find the RELIANT EMU Portable Breathalyzer at Texas Custom Stereo

admin May 3 2023

Looking for Portable Alcohol Monitoring (PAM) Devices in Dallas, TX?

Texas Custom Stereo

Texas Custom Stereo is one of Johnny’s Interlock Service Centers located in Dallas, Texas. This Johnny’s Interlock Service Center offers our Portable Alcohol Monitoring Device the RELIANT EMU. Texas Custom Stereo is a great pick-up site for three of our approved counties, Dallas County, Ellis County and Terrell County.

They are located at 4312 West Camp Wisdom Road, Dallas, TX 75237. They are open Monday – Saturday from 9AM to 8PM.
Johnny’s Interlock is the approved service provider for ALCOLOCK USA in Texas.

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a serious offense that can lead to various legal consequences. Generally, in most cases, the court may require the use of a portable alcohol monitoring device to ensure that the offender remains sober.

Potential uses for portable Alcohol Monitoring devices.

  • Court Ordered – Courts often order IID or PAM devices in DUI and other cases involving alcohol.
  • Pretrial Supervision – is a way to monitor activities and behavior of subjects released on bond.
  • Probation Supervision – Is a program that works as a substitute for incarceration.
  • Bond Condition – Subjects may be ordered to get an IID or PAM device as a condition of their bond while their case is pending.
  • Voluntary – IID and PAM Devices are often used for Family Court and Child Custody Cases.

At Johnny’s Interlock, we provide reliable and approved services to our clients through our network of service centers located across Texas.

Portable Alcohol Monitoring Devices

Additionally, the RELIANT EMU Breathalyzer is a portable alcohol monitoring device used to monitor individuals in electronic supervision programs to ensure they remain alcohol-free. It is court-ordered in cases involving alcohol, such as DUI cases, and may also be required as a bond condition, probation, or pretrial supervision.

You can use the RELIANT EMU for in-home testing as an alternative to an ignition interlock device in some cases. Courts may order the use of this portable breathalyzer in cases involving alcohol, such as DUI cases as a condition of bond, probation and pretrial supervision.

Furthermore, this device is an essential tool for electronic monitoring programs. The RELIANT EMU ensures that individuals remain accountable for their actions and prevent future incidents involving alcohol.

If the offender doesn’t have their own vehicle or fails to install an ignition interlock device in their vehicle, the court can order them to use the Reliant EMU. The RELIANT EMU is a user friendly PAM Device.
With the Reliant EMU, individuals can remain alcohol-free and stay on track with their legal requirements.

Overall, Johnny’s Interlock Service Centers provide reliable and approved services to ensure drivers remain sober while driving. Contact us today for more information on our services or to schedule an appointment at a service center near you.